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This is the first step in our process – The foundation of the entire project. We like to meet our clients face-to-face to hear the heart, their ideas and the story behind the story – We take great care in trying to understand your business, process and industry from your perspective. This step is important to us because in a short time we have to merge your expertise & experience in your industry with our expertise and experience in ours – The end result is that we grow towards a dynamic holistic understanding of your business from your perspective, and this helps us set out a clear path for the journey ahead in order to deliver your product in excellence.


After the planning and understanding, it is time to do what we do best: Create the content. This is a short word to describe what can in some cases be a vast amount of work. During this process we schedule dates & times, capture & create audio & visual content, and we bring it all together in unison – To bring your message to the viewer loudly and clearly with as much heart or technology or creativity as you desire. During this phase you will have time to review the first draft, to fine tune details if necessary and get a sneak peak of the product as it makes its way to the last stage for final round-off and delivery.


Even though this is the final step of our process, it is based upon the foundation we set in the initiate phase. Delivery here would be exactly what we discussed – Weather it be duplicating the product onto high quality flash drives or DVD’s; or uploading it onto YouTube; or sending it to you via WhatsApp for mobile distribution; or handing it to you on a single master DVD – This is the part where we deliver.


Established in 2010 – CFD Productions came from humble beginnings. Born out of a passion for story-telling and the digital methods that grew with technology, and a lot of hard work and perseverance, CFD Productions has grown from a small-time one man show to a Production company that has had the privilege to work with firms and companies such as the NWU (Institutional Offices and numerous departments), Sanlam, Liberty, US Embassy, VeriCred Collections and NWK to mention the most recent. Coming from a more people orientated background, the founder, Andrew Wallis, has had years’ experience working with people in the fields of leadership development and training – This then also where the focus on client service and service excellence was firmly established. CFD Productions continues to grow from strength to strength – Our aim is not: “a quick job for a quick buck”, but rather to become an established and trusted service provider that delivers a quality product and service professionally and timeously – over and over again. Andrew Wallis resides with his wife Tamara in Potchefstroom in the North West Province of South Africa.

Hours of footage captured

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"Andrew was very quick to pick up on the outcome that we wanted to achieve and were able to manage the process truly brilliantly given the limitations that we faced."

Chris Vorster

Head: Centre for Human Metabonomics at North West University Potchefstroom Campus

"Thank you Andrew for the wonderful job you did at my 21st Birthday Celebration. You were an absolute hit with all the guests and it was a great way of keeping them occupied and certainly made the day a fun one."

Lauren Hattingh

Assistant Accountant at Carlbank Mining Contracts


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